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Available in self-scoring paper booklets and online reports

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Grow talent.

There is no middle zone. Talent is either growing or degrading. The INSIGHT Inventory personality assessment helps people identify and utilize their strengths and eliminate the triggers and stress reactions that derail success.

Develop People Unleash Potential

Develop people.

Unleash the potential of individuals by helping them develop skill in communication, team leadership, and team membership.

The INSIGHT Inventory will help team members learn how to maximize the use of their personality strengths and validate each other's strengths. This will directly improve employee engagement and increase productivity

DISCOVER their personality strengths and gain insight into themselves and learn how they interact with others

LEARN how stress, triggers, and hot buttons move them out of their personality strengths zone and lead to conflict

DEVELOP the skill of style flexing to immediately improve communication, and personal and team effectiveness

coaching and talent development programs

Transform your coaching and talent development programs.

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Facilitator Success Center

Everything you need to create and facilitate training and coaching programs using the INSIGHT Inventory personality assessment; available online and accessible 24/7.

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Lead with INSIGHT Book

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and become the leader you want to be

Dr. Handley’s new book takes an in-depth journey into our personality strengths and self-awareness. He outlines how the perception of ourselves and other people directly impacts our communication and leadership style.

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